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HealthTech Visionaries: Jonathan Baktari MD Journey & Leadership in Healthcare Innovation

Episode Summary

What does it take to pivot from a traditional medical career to leading a trailblazing healthcare technology company? In this episode, Jonathan Baktari MD shares his transition from a medical practitioner to an entrepreneur and the role of technology in reducing friction in the healthcare system. Jonathan emphasizes the importance of acquiring leadership skills and mentoring others, as well as the need for entrepreneurs to anticipate and adapt to changes in their industry. Jonathan envisions building a platform for healthcare technology and is open to potential exit strategies in the future.

Episode Notes



[00:00 - 05:55] Introduction and Background

[05:55 - 10:01] The Evolution of Healthcare Technology

[10:01 - 19:42] The Importance of Acquiring Leadership Skills

[19:42 - 22:13] Building a Platform for Healthcare Technology and Closing Remarks



Direct Quotes:


"Your job as a leader is to see what's around the corner." - Jonathan Baktari MD


"If you view being a leader like flying a plane, you wouldn't try to land it from 30,000 feet because you've got a great personality." - Jonathan Baktari MD



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